Dragon Naturally Speaking 

Control the computer with voice only.

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How to Setup Dragon Naturally Speaking

  • Launch the Dragon Anywhere app and choose Subscribe.

  • Select a subscription to purchase (Monthly or Annual).

  • Enter an email address. The email will be your username to log in to Dragon Software Anywhere.

  • You can also Log in to your existing iTunes account to complete the purchase or choose to create a new iTunes account.

  • Confirm the subscription you want and place the order.

  • Accept the subscription terms.

  • Optionally provide your first and last name.
    Specify a unique password for Dragon Anywhere account.

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What is Dragon Naturally Speaking for?

If you are still wondering what this program is for, you should know that its voice recognition technology has many and varied applications and utilities. Here are some examples for which you can use it:

  • Dictate speaking naturally.

  • Modification and formatting of documents only with voice. To send e-mails.

  • Control the computer with voice only.

  • Perform Internet searches.

  • Import and export of custom word lists.

  • Voice commands to insert frequently used texts and graphics.

  • Use voice commands in social networks.

  • Transcribe dictated notes.

  • Use voice shortcuts.